About the History Club of Sioux Falls

Since 1879 The History Club has been involved with and supported hundreds of community service projects in Sioux Falls, including:

  • co-creating the first public library.
  • consulting on the location and aesthetics of the Orpheum Theatre.
  • initiating the installation of the Japanese Gardens in Terrace Park.
  • and the Sioux River Greenway Trails.

The History Club, a nonprofit organization with a focus on community service, is a 501(c)(3) organization for tax purposes. It is located just blocks from downtown Sioux Falls.

Today The History Club continues to evolve with the changing times by:

  • maintaining, restoring, and preserving the corporation’s historic building.
  • maintaining its archives of women’s history collection for public use.
  • serving as a resource to the community.
  • developing and sponsoring community and volunteer programs.
  • providing informative programs at monthly meetings.
  • providing a place for the community to gather.
  • offering friendship, fellowship, and a sense of community to its members.

Ongoing Projects and Activities

  • Annual scholarship for female University of Sioux Falls students
  • Volunteer reading program at Bowden Youth Center
  • Tea Society
  • Book club
  • Yoga group
  • Preservation of the clubhouse
  • Variety of charitable and social activities.
History Club of Sioux Falls